Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside....

Thursday morning had to of been one of the best in a long time! I woke up at 6am with Jeff and was waiting for him to get out of the shower and asked, "Hey! Is it snowing?" The day before the news had said that we should expect some flurries, but when we opened the blinds, we were shocked to see a BLIZZARD! Holy cow! It was beautiful! I have to say, that it is much prettier from my warm bed, but of course, I jumped out and put some clothes on and ran outside. Jeff was like a little boy. He had not seen snow like this except for in the Colorado mountains!
I went over and played with Tish and the kids all morning. We built a snowman, made snow angels, and I even made some Snow Milk (the kids were not too sure about this one, but I assured them that it just tasted like a milkshake). Jeff could not make it out of the neighborhood to get to work, so he came back home and played with us too!
Jeff and I built a big snowman in our front yard and put Jeff's cowboy hat on him and named him Boudroux! haha. We lost power at about 8am so we took some naps, read, and I got to work on my painting! What a wonderful day!
It is so great when God gives you these days to step back, stop what you are doing, and enjoy the simple things in life. It is like he is forcing you to stop in your tracks, look around, and realize who is in control! I miss Thursday already, but like I have always said, snow is fun once a year, but it would not be as special or a surprise if we had it all the time. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day this week! :)

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