Friday, June 27, 2014

Learning How to Turn

As in turning wood. On a lathe.

My dad and I took a class a few months ago together. He had already taken the class and made several things but I really wanted to do it too so it was great to have him there with me! It was a really fun day and great quality time with dear ‘ole dad :)

Here is the bowl I made in that class. I am super proud of my first piece!

DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0023

It is FAR from perfect. There’s lots of scoring marks and its not as smooth as it should be but, hey, I think it turned out pretty nice. It also warped since I turned the wood while it was still green, I had to let it dry and in that process it warped. This is completely normal for green wood; the only way to avoid warping is to turn the wood when its already dry but then it is harder to turn. Cracking is also normal but luckily mine didn’t crack. Spalting (a fancy word for mold) is also normal. Mine has a little bit of it but my dads had so much that it was almost a green color. It really can be beautiful!

I had a blast and hope to do a lot more on the lathe. Thankfully my dad has the machine and set up at his house for me to take advantage of :).

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