Monday, October 31, 2011

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank you Stori!

I’d like to give a little shout out to my friend Stori for recommending that I download Windows Live for writing my blog posts. It’s awesome and works great. Anyone using Blogger should really use it to write! Smile

The Little Gym

This place is right down the street from our new neighborhood (I could walk there if I really wanted to) so I decided to take Avery over there for a free trial class to see if she would like it and potential have her birthday party there.
The moment we walked in the building she was glued to the window watching the other kids finish up their class and was dying to go in and explore. For never being in a structured class setting, I thought she did really well. It is designed for toddlers (and the parents go in the class with the kids) so the instructor is doing stuff throughout the room and they encourage you to try and keep your kid doing what the instructor is but if they run off its ok. The class is designed for them to run and explore but also start to learn how to follow instructions. It is so great because it isn't stressful on either me or Avery; She can do what she wants while slowly learning what a structured class means and I can be in there to give her a bit of a comfort zone instead of being thrown in with all strangers and be expected to follow right in line. They are 2 and aloud to be! Smile
She LOVED the balance beam. She jumped right up there (faster than I could get over to her) and walked right across. She loved jumping off the end and yelling “hooray” after! lol She also got super excited when they brought out the balls. She grabbed as many as she could and ran off with them. She loves balls! lol They also had bubbles at the end and that was just icing on the cake for her! lol
Avery ran off during this exercise but I love how one of the kids just decided to lay down on the ground in the middle.

Anyways, I am still trying to decide if (more like when) we will register for regular classes. Since I go in the class with her I would have to have a regular babysitter on Fridays… not easy to find.  As far as her birthday goes, I will have to see how many friends she has by then lol.
I had a blast with her and I can’t wait to go back!
Watch her take off like she’s a pro! lol (There’s something wrong with the sound on my camera)


Avery’s First Haircut

October 26, 2011
She loved Ms. Gogi until she came at her with scissors. It was all down hill from there! lol
Let’s just say she’s not a fan of the beauty salon yet.

Norah 2 Months

11 lb 13 oz - 75% class
24.25 inches long- 95% class
She's a big girl and only getting bigger... fast!
~Smiles A LOT! I feel like 2 months is really early to be getting so many smiles, but I am not going to complain at all. I love them!
~she can focus a lot better but still not 100%
~we work on tummy time once or twice a day. she does ok but gets tired of it pretty fast
~wakes up about twice a night. Normally around 1 or 2 am then again around 6
~very ticklish. That's when I can get lots of those pretty smiles. I almost got a laugh, once, too!

Norah 1 Month

Since I didn't keep up very well in the beginning, I made some sticky notes of her developments, so here they are:
~starting to become more aware. She spent most of her first month sleeping; day in and day out. I had to set my alarm at night to get her up to eat. Not many moms can say that! Needless to say she is so easy!
~lifts her head.
~Rolls to her side. She doesn't get too far but she likes to tuck her knees in and lean over. Great start!
P.S. so I was just going through my notes and I found this under my list of Norah's developments:
"says first word=Tim"
Someone was playing on my computer! lol Thanks for the little addition Mr. Tim! We will make sure she works on your name asap! haha

Ella’s 1 Year Old!

My niece, Ella is one year old already! She is such a sweet baby. We love you Sweet Pea! :)



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