Friday, January 13, 2012

New Camera Lens

OOOOohhhhh I want this camera lens SOOOO BAD!
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
From all of the reviews I have read, its one of those just simple basic lenses that you need and would fall in love. It’s really fast so it is supposed to be great for low light and it stops all the way from f/1.8 to f/22 so it will have great depth-of-field control.
For only $135 (cheaper at some sites) it’s a steal in camera lens terms (especially since some of the specialty ones that I would like are closer to $1000!)… but alas, its still $135! We have been trying so hard to stay on budget this month but its not even half over and we’re close to busting due to all of the stuff going on these days. Plus, with Avery’s birthday coming I may have to wait a little longer. Sad smile. So, I will have to wait till we have a month with some extra cash. Oh well, such is life (especially with kids and one on a super duper fancy formula for digestive issues).
Oh! and I have an old canon film camera that I learned photography on that was my dad’s in college that he learned on. Turns out, the lens that is on it is this exact one! Too bad I don’t have a canon camera!
Ill keep you posted on when I get it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Norah @ 5 months

She is such a happy, silly little girl with a hairdo to match! lol I hope she always stays that way! She is growing strong and getting big. We are moving to the 6-9 month bin of clothes very soon. I hope she will be sitting up by 6 months but I think it might take just a little longer.
She is a beautiful blessing and we thank God every day for her and the joy she brings our lives.

Camera Strap Cover

Once again, I am here to tell you sorry for the long lapse in blogging. It’s just not on my priority list these days…. Hopefully it will be again soon. What better way to come back than to show you something crafty.
A few friends want to come over and have me teach them how to make a cover for their camera straps. So, Yesterday, I sought out to make a design and pattern that I thought was cute. Of course, I had to go online to get a little inspiration and I combined a few elements I found there. I particularly love the fabric flowers! Smile I hope they have fun making it with me when we can get together!


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