Thursday, November 8, 2012

I love this video!

Not for any particular reason, I guess, I just love to see my girls so happy! I have been struggling with morning sickness the past few days so this was something to brighten my day. although I am not exactly thrilled that Avery can get in the crib, I really could care less right now lol
My favorite parts:
1. Norah’s bed head. never a disappointment!
2. Avery is naked. she NEVER wears clothes when we are at home. that’s just her. luckily she keeps her panties on and normally in public she is good about staying dressed.
3. when I say in the video that Norah slept too long, Norah gasps as if to say “what?! you can’t ever sleep too long!” That is her, too. she loves her naps and would sleep all afternoon if I let her. I have had to cut her down to 2 hours or she will never go to bed at night and then be up several times during the night.


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