Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby #3!!

baby #3
Yep, this is the reason for so few posts lately.
We are so very excited about another addition to our family but we know a few things for sure:
1. This is our last baby. I had always had dreams of having 4 but having them so close together has proven to be harder than I ever anticipated and I am crazier that I ever thought I would be lol. BUT I am sooo very GLAD we have had them all so close together. I want them to be best friends like me and my sisters. I think that is one of the greatest gifts parents can give; sibling love. baby #4 will just have to be a puppy lol
2. with my sister expecting her 3rd baby girl and with my 2 girls, it’s hard to convince me that this one will be a boy. For a while I was really hoping to have a boy but I think that if it’s a girl they will have a bond that can’t be replaced and if it’s a boy I am sure they will have a different kind of bond that is equally as special. I just can’t speak from experience here since I don’t have any brothers. Anyways, I can’t wait to find out what it is and I am truly happy either way.
3. He/she is due June 1. I am glad I will be done before it gets too hot!
4. I am already in maternity clothes. I am only 9 weeks along and my jeans are already very snug. With my first baby, Avery, I was so stubborn and forced myself in my jeans for as long as I possibly could. This time, I am all about the stretchy pants and comfort level. I really could care less. lol
5. I have never had any morning sickness and I still have not had any with this one but I have been much more hormonal! I barely have the energy to get up off my butt everyday but I can’t get away with being lazy anymore. I am lucky to get 5 minutes to close my eyes while Norah naps and Avery “rests.”
6. I am so over being pregnant. I have never been one of those people that just LOVES being pregnant and relishes every minute of it. I have pretty easy pregnancies so I should appreciate it more, but I am extra ready for this one to be over. Mainly because I know that I will finally be able to loose the baby weight and it will be for good! I am an extremely self conscious person so dealing with pregnancy weight gain is hard for me to swallow. 
7. Although on one hand I say I am ready for it to be over, the other part of me is so nervous about the aspect of 3 kids! I wasn’t nervous at all with my first baby and that was a true life changing event. Baby #2 wasn’t scary to me since I felt like I had the baby thing down and I have 2 hands so 1 for each baby. Now, I will have 3 and I am so scared that I will never sleep again and I am worried that I will not have enough hands to go around every day. I keep telling myself it will be find and people do it everyday but I get freaked out. hopefully it’s just the hormones because these feelings didn’t surface till recently.

We find out around Christmas what the baby is so I will be waiting to do any nursery decorating until then.
Please pray with us for a happy healthy baby! Smile

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Venture

Damask Logo
I have had a website for my photography for a while now. Up until recently I have just focused on Fine Art (still life, landscape, nature) photography but I have decided that I want to open up to family portraiture, also. I need A LOT of practice and experience still before I can say that I am “good” but I have lots of sessions coming up that I hope to get lots of practice out of! I am doing a newborn shoot very soon (whenever that baby decides to grace us with her presence) and I will get to to my future niece in February, a maternity shoot, a few family shoots, and 2 engagement sessions. I am ecstatic! I love that this is something that I can do from home with my girls and I can be as busy or not busy as I want to be! I hope you check out my website I have made lots of changes and updates over the past few days and I love it even more!
Click here or click on the link on the sidebar on my blog home page.


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