Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fountainebleau Park

I have been wanting to make some rounds to scenic places around the area lately. Mainly, just to take advantage of living somewhere new, I might as well try to see as much as possible. We went to Fairview Park to take Avery's 1 year pictures and I had heard that Fountainebleau Park was huge and even more pretty. After Jeff went out there for a beer festival, he said we should really take the time to go over there; he knew I would love all of the photo-ops. Since it is about 45 minutes away, I had been putting it off but since my mom is spending some time here we thought we would go take a look. I am SO glad we did! It has an old sugar mill plantation on it but it's all rubble now. I love taking pictures of old stuff! I was just wishing the whole time I had a micro lens... maybe one day. It was beautiful! There are campgrounds, LOTS of picnic tables, even cabins over the lake that you can rent out! Even more, there's a beach; sand and all! What a great place to take the kids for a summer day! There's multiple playground areas but we didnt bother going over to those since Avery is still too little to appreciate it. We mainly drove around and admired the views. My sister is getting married next year so I would LOVE to bring her to do some portraits! Here's some pics:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Norah Update

We had our follow up appointment at the specialist today; it went great. He reviewed all of the basic measurement and checked the heart (since he couldn't get a good angle last time); everything looked as it should, so he was able to release us. The cyst on the brain even resolved its self. What a relief! It doesnt guarantee anything but he feels confident enough that there is nothing wrong that he does not need to see us anymore.

She is measuring in at 1 lb already! That seemed so big to me. I think that's partly because I forget how fast they grow and that means she doubled her weight in just 4 weeks! As for me, I am feeling great and getting bigger. I am up between 6-10lbs, depending on the day and who's scale I am using. My scale is normally the nicest, so I say I am up 8 lbs. lol Here's a few glamour shots of the little one:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Determined Little Thing

Since she wont let me feed her with a spoon or fork, I have tried to get brave here and there and let her try it out. It gets pretty messy, but fruit bits are great to practice with. She is one determined little girl, that's for sure! She can stab and scoop the food, but she gets excited about that and then doesnt actually eat it. lol That's the first step, I guess.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wood Church

My father-in-law, the same one that made this cabinet for me, made a bunch of wood churches recently. I was a lucky recipient of one of them :). So, today I got out some paint and finished it and gave it a rustic look. I LOVE it! Do you?

Feeding Our Baby Dolls

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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