Friday, August 24, 2012

Nap Mat

Avery is starting MDO this fall. My nerves are a wreck! I pray and hope she likes it!!!
Naturally, though I got most excited about getting to make her a nap mat. Here it is! I didn’t have a pattern, just made it up as I went so when I have to make one for Norah I have a few minor details I would do differently. All in all I really like it and Avery does too! Anything to get her excited about starting school!

Norah’s First Birthday

Where does time go?! I know I say that  a lot but I can not keep up with how fast my children grow!!
With that being said, we had a blast at Norah’s party. I did a Dr. Seuss theme and it turned out so cute (if I do say so myself lol).
Here’s the pictures!
FINAL 5x7 Jessica G - etsy INITIAL copy
I baked/cooked for about 12 hours the friday before. It’s a lot of work but I would MUCH rather make everything than buy a cake and food somewhere! (I had lots of help from little hands, too)
These are the sketches I made for decorations throughout the house. The are for sale on my etsy site if you want them!!
I had Dr. Suess quotes hanging throughout the house, too. I just realized I took all of these pictures at the same angle! haha
More decorations
Craft! Cat-in-the-hat masks! they were more of a success than I thought!
Party Favors. Thanks to my M-I-L these were Target dollar section specials!! What are the odds we would find Dr. Suess stuff just before the party?! Best favor bags EVER!
The queen’s throne. Highchair banner.
I got all of the paper designs on Etsy… $5 for everything!! SCORE!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Norah! We love you!! :)

I think I found the boots I want

Emmitt by Steve Madden!
They look like the perfect color I have been looking for. Tall, skinny, and without a lot of buckles and clips (I don’t like too much going on). I also wanted something that would make my legs and feet look smaller than they are. I think these will do it since it isn’t too big around the leg. Oh! and I also didn’t want to spend a FORTUNE!!
Hopefully I can go try them on soon and I will still love them!!


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