Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breakfast Table Remodel : sneak peek

I have been working on this for a few weeks now and I still have a LONG way to go on it. I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peek, though, to give you a hint at what I am doing and planning. I plan to give a big reveal post when I am done but who knows when that will be….
Here are the chairs. White distressed. Let me just say that these were just about the end of me and were not intended to be distressed but they were such hell that I decided I would make the “distressing”  that did happened (ok, more like evidence of an inexperienced furniture remodeler) be more purposeful. lol. In the end, I think they turned out really well but I will tell the whole story later.
Here is what I plan to make the window treatments out of:
I love every bit of this fabric. The picture doesn’t do it justice but there’s a little bit of shimmer in the threading.
Here is a sneak peek at the table leg. This is my favorite part of the story (also saving that for later aWinking smile). I love the character and plan to strip it and restain it (it has some pretty yucky varnish and scratches on the top)
Hopefully I can have the final reveal soon! I am going to wait till it cools down a bit outside before I tackle the table. It is just so dang hot and humid in Houston right now!!

Yellow Nails?

Ok, so this might be the most unglamorous post I have done, but I know that every girl that paints her toe nails has this problem… yellow nails. It’s impossible to avoid; especially if you paint your nails red or a dark color.
I tried lots of solutions…
Baking soda and water; didn’t work
lemon juice; didn’t work
non acetone nail polish remover; didn’t work
buffing; didn’t work
I wanted to try hydrogen peroxide next but I am out, so I went for my last resort: Clorox.
I hesitated to do this since it just sounds so harsh but it actually worked!!
I dissolved 1 TBS Clorox with 1 cup warm water. I let them soak for about 30 seconds then buffed them, soaked them again for another 30 seconds and buffed again. It worked so good! My nails are so pretty and clear that I have actually gone with out polish for several days now!
I went and got some of this base coat to try next time I paint to see if it helps.
base coat


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