Monday, April 18, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came!

We decided to have the Easter Bunny come a week early since Avery and I will be in Texas for the holiday, Jeff will not be able to come, and he has been working so much that Sunday was his best oppertunity to do it. Anyways, it was awesome! I love being on this side of all of the holiday fun; its different but fun in a different way. I think it's even more fun, than when you are the one getting the gifts, watching the magic on your child's face.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a mom??!! lol

Upside down

Look Who's Climbing!

well, she's been climbing for a while, but about a week ago she (and I) discovered she could get into the rocking chair by herself! This makes me a bit nervous since it's not stable, but she seems to do great getting in and out. Now, she is all over the sofas, ottoman, and recliner. The other day I found her on top of our king size bed! How she got up there, I have no idea.... a little crafty if you ask me ;). lol I've also found her sitting on the tv stand, right up against the tv! That really freaked me out!


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