Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Fashion List

These are on my list of must-haves this fall!
mint pants!
mint pants
brown riding boots
I havent found a pair the pair yet, but here is something like what I want
boot socks!
boot socksboot socks2boot socks3
head scarfs
head scarfhead wrap
wrap scarfs
I am totally obsessed with this look!!
outfitoutfit 2

Wish List

Here’s a new item on my wish list (at least my photography wish list) lol

Asian Lettuce Wraps

These are one of our favorite meals during the week!! It is super simple and very yummy. The recipe can be found here at Eating

Speaking of Hobbies

Okay, enough blog business. Here’s a fun post!
Back in March I received this old bookshelf from my husband’s grandmother’s house. She passed away and so we were able to go through and find things that we wanted. I spotted this shelf and knew it had some potential!
It really didn’t need much work. Just a little putty to fill some holes and a little sanding here and there.
She got to become a beautiful green color with some new knobs and I modge podged the drawers with some print paper.
Unfortunately, I can’t put anything on the shelves yet since little hands can reach it but it will one day have some pictures and nick-knacks on it

Blog makeover

Now that I am back, I needed an overhaul on my look. Do you like it? I do. I am loving teal these days and the gray background is simply clean and crisp (in my opinion anyways).
I’ve also deleted and added a few things on the sidebar. I took off all of the couponing sites. Unfortunately I don’t do that anymore. It was fun when I did but it is utterly consuming of all time and I HAVE to learn to pick and choose these days.
As you can see by my new title picture, I have several hobbies and I can’t pick my favorite! I think I could be a thousand times better at photography, or painting, or sewing, or design, or crafting… etc if I would just focus on one. Maybe it’s a form of ADD, I don’t know, but I get all pumped and into one project then get bored with that media and jump to another. Oh well, that’s just me, I am coming to grips with the fact that I will be okay or good at several things rather than excellent at just one. Maybe that will change one day, but for now, I will continue to dabble in all sorts of hobbies to keep my mind and creative side engaged!
Hope you enjoy the new blog!! :)


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