Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Make A Fabric Rosette

I am steadily working on Norah’s bedding for her room but it is taking me FOREVER! I admit, I lost some motivation for a while because it is requiring me to do the same thing over and over again and I get bored fast. Nonetheless, I am now making great progress and hoping to finish within the next week or so.
If you don’t remember, or didn’t see what I am planning, I have decided to make a copycat version of Anthropologie’s pink duvet cover.
I thought I would take this opportunity to give a little “how-to” on how I am making each rosette. So, Here I go.
1. Let me first say, that I could not find an jersey fabric or any other “slinky” fabric in the color I liked so I ended up with cotton. It is not going to have the same “slinky” look but I think I will be able to get the point across anyways. First, I cut 18” squares of the pink fabric and marked the center of each square. Your size can be any that you want depending on the application. I will tell you the sizes I used.
These fabric pens are awesome! You can mark your fabric and the line with either fade over time or you can simply wipe it off with a dab of water. I use it all of the time! If you are a sewer and don’t have one of these, you need to get one!
2. Once you have marked the center of the square, you will need a 6” circle. I did not have an “official sewing” one so I found a tupperware lid that was a 6” diameter. I marked the center of the lid, lined up the dots and drew around the circle.
The line is really light in this picture, partly because the pen is not going to be real dark in the first place, but I hope you can see my center dot and the circle around it.
3. Next, hand stitch around the circle. Starting your stitch on the underside so that your thread knot is on the bottom side.
Make sure to “scrutch” the fabric as you stitch around the circle.
4. Once you have gone all of the way around your circle, end your needle on the bottom side and knot your thread.
Turn over your fabric and you will have a little “ghost-like” shape with your center dot on top.
5. fluff the top “poof” (are you enjoying all of my technical terms lol), pressing your center dot down to make a flower looking shape.
6. Now press the center dot all of the way through the hole to the back side
You should be able to see the dot from the other side to make sure it is centered. You only want to pull it through enough to be even with the line of the scrunched circle you stitched.
7. Now stitch around the scrunched circle going through the piece you just pulled through making a starburst pattern. Make sure to stitch this good so that it doesn’t pull out one day.
8. Once you have stitched this down really well, knot your thread and you are done. Turn it over and fluff your rosette.
Have fun!
I just finished making 56 of these for her bedding. Now to piece them all together, add the backing and make some matching shams.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sneak Peek

Look what's coming together! Hopefully doing a full room reveal soon (as soon as I can finish the bedding!)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bluebonnet Pictures

We found a great field on the side of the highway on our way home from the Blue Bell Creamery Tour so we decided to stop and snap a few photos of the girls. It was not my best photo shoot for several reasons.
1. it was smack dab in the middle of the day so it was extremely bright. We got lots of squinty eyes, if I could even get them to look up.
2. it was ridiculously windy! I was wearing a sun dress so I was praying I wasn’t flashing the cars driving by! lol
3. being after the creamery tour, they were tired, so they were not in the most “smiley” mood.
I did my best and got a few cute ones but nothing award winning. I plan to try again when I can plan better.
I even found a white one!! I loved it and it was killing me that I don’t have a micro lens to get super close up. Maybe one day.
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Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery Tour

I pity anyone in the country without access to Blue Bell Ice Cream. It is honestly the BEST!!
Since we live in Houston, we are only about an hour and a half from the creamery in Brenham, Tx so a friend and I decided to take our girls out to see it. They had so much fun and really loved watching the big machine make the ice cream, fill the tubs, and make popsicles. They especially loved the free scoop of ice cream at the end! I know they wont remember it so we will have to go back (darn) but I love taking them on special outings like this!
Cameras were not aloud on the tour but I was able to snap a few with my phone on the grounds and in the parlor. What a fun day!!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Design Delima!

I found this beauitul bed frame for sale for a steal! I love it but it is not what I had originally intended for Norah's room. Do I go with "Exhibit A," the cheap unique steal that I will have to get creative with and figure out how to make it work, or "Exhibit B," the one I had planned around and I know will go perfectly??
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
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