Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Features

I've been blogging now for at least 3 years but I am just now figuring out a few features to add on here.
1. I've had the search bar on the left side for a while but I have added some "labels" to give you another way to find a post you are looking for. (I'd like to say that I have actually had people tell me they are looking for a specific post but can't find it! I love having readers so if you are one, thank you! It's nice to know I am talking to someone out there and not just to an empty internet world.) Anyways, I am slowly but surely going through all of my old posts to attach these labels based on their subject. I think I have over 500 so it might take me a while, lol.
2. I have also had people tell me that they don’t like to comment because 1. They don’t like the process that blogger makes you go through and it's too long or 2. They can't figure it out. So, under each post there are "Reactions." Simply pick on if you "like" that post, find it "funny" or "interesting". Easy-Peasy! This way, I know I have some readers other than those that post comments ;)
Here's some instructions on how to comment if you aren't sure how.
*When choosing an identity, if you do not have a Google or blogger account, use the "other" option to insert your name. I don’t mind anonymous comments but of course, I love to know who it is.
3. Under each post there are links to other posts of mine. Once I get the Labels all sorted out this will be even more organized, but it should give you some options of posts to read that are similar to the current one you may be reading.

Thanks again for reading my silly little mommy blog :) !!


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