Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New antique heirloom

I mentioned before that I am spending a few days at my grandmother's house this week. I was outside with the kids when I spotted a beautiful piece of furniture sitting in her garage. (Excuse the horrible pics from my phone. They don't do it justice).

I asked her about it and she said it was her grandmother's, so my great great grandmothers. She also said that no one wants it and it has been sitting there for years. I am appalled that this is just sitting outside rotting when it has so much potential! My mom checked with my aunt and she said they both didn't mind if I took it so hopefully I can find a way to get it home one day. Yippee!! I am normally not an antique person but I love family pieces that have a personal history. I really hope I can give it some love and make it beautiful again! Here's a few (really bad) close up shots of the details.

Beautiful turned legs

Looks like it used to be red then painted white.

Wood etchings

The stretcher and details under the hutch.

I want to do some research on what year this was possibly made. Had to of been the late 1800s!
Can't wait to do this refinish job!


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