Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strawberry Festival

I am a few weeks late on this one but I completly forgot to talk about it!

We didnt stay long this year because of her need to take a nap not long after we got there, but we did a little shopping and eating and let Avery play her first carnival game. That was a bit of a disaster. Even though she won a big stuffed cow, she thought she could keep the rubber duckies and got really upset when we had to take them away. oops! lesson learned... Jeff said next time he will just ask "how much for the duckies" lol.


Avery loves to play in her big girl room! (which will be a post of it's own once I get it finished, but its far from that, so you will only get a sneak peek here) This morning I found her laying on her bed "reading" a book. It was so cute! We have been working hard on learning not to eat her books.... when I say eat, I mean literally! She doesnt just chew on them a little here and there, she takes chuncks out and swallows them! gross! Anyways, I digress... Here is a quick pic I got of her before she ran away from the camera:Granted, the book is upside down, but she doesnt know. I think that makes it even more cute! lol

Oh ya!

I meant to mention in the last post that we got her that sand and water table for Easter. I think I'm a gluten (sp?) for punishment. She loves it, which is great and it keeps her occupied for a long time, but she also loves to pour sand on her head and everywhere else. So, now I have a sand problem inside and out! Lol Needless to say I have drained the water and now it's just a sand table!
I am so glad that she loves it, messes and all... sometimes you just have to let a kid be a kid!


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