Monday, March 11, 2013

Grilled Sea Bass

I am so thankful for a husband that can grill!!! That means I dont have to cook dinner every night! lol When I say he can grill, I don’t just mean burgers and chicken. Over the past several years he has really gotten good at grilling and smoking, and one of our favorite meals that he makes is grilled Sea Bass. We like to splurge and get this for dinner every once in a while and tonight he got scallops to go with it. YUM!! Asparagus is our favorite veggie so we make that every time and I normally make some rice too but I skipped it this time.
All he puts on it is salt and pepper and tarragon with olive oil, and it only takes a total of about 6-8 minutes to cook and it gets a nice crispy layer on the outside, which is the best part! The scallops got oil, salt and pepper. That’s it! So easy, yet so good!
For such a healthy meal, it sure tastes like it is bad :)!

DIY Mirror

Check this stuff out!! I may be late at discovering this but I am working on a project (hopefully revealing soon) in which I need a mirror. Easier said than done. It needs to be a very funky size so the only way I was going to get one to fit would be to buy a larger one than I needed, but they were always in some large pretty frame that I didn’t want to pay for, so I did a little browsing through the craft store and came across this paint:
This is so awesome! All you have to do is spray it one the back of plain glass with several thin layers (the can suggests 5). I would not come as far as to say it looks like a normal mirror, but for a rustic project where you don’t necessarily need perfect reflection, I think this is a great fix. I tested it out on a small piece of glass. Here is me trying to take a picture of the reflectiveness for you.
It’s a bit dark and not a perfect finish but I am hoping it works good enough for the larger piece I need to do.

New Layout

I get really tired of the same layout for my blog so I have to change it up here and there. I am obsessed with green and grey combo right now. Why? I have no idea. Green has always been my favorite color, and I guess since grey is “in” right now, the two just magically came together in my head.
In case you are wondering how I made the header, it was super easy! If it weren't for my stupid PC acting up (I really really want to make the full switch to MAC one day when I have the $$ but that is besides the point) it would have maybe taking about 1 hour to do.
I found a font I really liked on Pinterest and downloaded it from Then, I took one of our family photos I took last summer and, in Photoshop, I cut our bodies out and overlaid a grey color. Put the title and picture together on the same background, added the dotted line and was done!
Adding and adjusting the colors and fonts in Blogger was not so easy. Another reason I want to get a MAC so I can use Wordpress. Blogger is so finicky (sp?) and temperamental so it takes a while to get everything lined up. It still isn't perfect but every time I tried to adjust something, the website would crash so I just left it. Hopefully it’s not too terrible! lol
I really want to figure out how to do some different links for the categories I have a the top but that is going to take a while. Hopefully I can figure it out soon. I also want to add a Pinterest button but that doesn’t seem as easy as I thought, either. Give me some time and I will get it…. just in time for baby #3 to get here and then I will disappear for a while lol.
Enjoy the new layout! Off to work on another project Smile

Computer issues

Sorry! I am working on changing my layout so my blog may look a mess. Bare with me while I work on it and fix some computer issues!

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