Monday, January 12, 2009


This weekend was so much fun! It is kind of funny how the things I get excited about these days have changed so much from just two years ago! It makes me feel kind of old, but I love it!
Jeff and I decided on Saturday morning that we were in the mood to upgrade our backyard and add some trees. We have been planning to do lots of gardening this spring, so in order to get the trees on a good start they have to be planted while the ground is still cool/cold.
We drove into Baton Rouge and met Tim and Allyson for lunch at Sammy's and the did some tree shopping. Tim is very much a horticulture guru and loves plants so we took him with us. He was a lot of help picking out what to look for in different trees. After going to 2 nurseries we ended up getting a Magnolia tree, 2 pink blossom Cherry trees, an Oak, and a Maple.
Jeff and I were able to get the Magnolia and the Cherry trees planted yesterday. I have to say, it is a lot harder work than it looks! It is a lot of fun, though. They look like twigs right now, but they are going to be gorgeous once spring comes and they bloom!
We plan to have my dad bring up a lot of bushes from his gardens for us to fill in along the fence lines. I think it is all going to look really good when we get it together. This spring I plan to put some flower beds around the base of the trees for some color.
I will post pictures as we go!

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