Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Awesome episode, as always! Here are my outstanding questions. Some might be repeats from last week, but if they are not answered, they will stay on my list. So, here it goes...

1. Who can we trust, Ben or Widmore? I trust Widmore over Ben because he has never given us a reason not to, while Ben manipulates someone every episode. (Plus he kills John, so that is reason enough, but I will get to that one)
2. How did Hurley, Kate, & Sayid find out about the flight?
3. Why do they have to be "proxies" for each other?
4. Who beat up Ben? I think it was Widmore, not only to protect Penny, but to revenge him killing John
5. When Ben said "Who cares" when referring to the other passengers on the plane, does he really not care about them, or does he just see the big picture?
6. What happened to Rose and Bernard and the other people that they have not been following??
7. Where is Claire?
8. Still, Where is Aaron?
9. What does Christian have to do with everything?
10. Why do you see dead people on the island?
11. We still don't know how the "Black Rock" got there
12. When the Ajira flight crashed, Ceasar and the police lady that was escorting Sayid were talking about a man who was in the water, was that supposed to symbolize Jesus walking on water???
13. What was the favor that Kate did for Sayid a long time ago when they first got back to the real world?
14. What are the numbers?
15. Finally, We still dont know what the smoke monster is...

My Analysis:
I totally called last week that John is supposed to represent Jesus and Ben is Judas! Boo-ya! I love it when a theory of mine seems to be coming true! :)
I hope that they answer some of these next week, but unfortunately I think there will only be more questions.

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Laura said...

ahhhh!!! I love your questions... I'll be updating my Lost reviews sometime today!!! So glad you are my Lost Blogger Buddy!!!!


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