Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Most of you know that I have some-what of an OCD personality when it comes to certain issues.
First, Cleaning! Second, Organizing.
With the loss of my job and the stress from constant and repetitive rejection, I am afraid that my OCD behavior has come back to haunt me.
I made quite possibly the best purchase of my life the other day when I got the Swiffer Vac!!!! One of my pet peeves was when I would try to clean the floors with the regular Swiffer and it would not pick up the larger pieces of nonsense left on the floor!
To my wonderful delight some brilliant person over in the Swiffer industry invented the Swiffer Vac! I can not thank them enough.
Maybe I could start a cleaning supply critique company, lol!
I have to say, my floors are pretty clean after our first rondezvous!

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Stori said...

Don't be sad! It took me 3 months before I ever heard back from anyone both times we moved and I had to look for a job. Don't feel like you have to accept the first offer either! God is the giver of good gifts, and I know he has something special for you.

I kind of want a Swiffer vac now.


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