Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tough Decision...

It is really tough sometimes when life throws these curves at you and you have to make a decision. Most of you know that I have been wanting a Chihuahua for a very long time. Most of you also know that I am a photography enthusiast and have been wanting a professional camera for about 8 years now. This week I had to choose between this precious little white and brown spotted female chihuahua and saving for a camera! I dont think I have had to make such a hard choice by myself before. Jeff gave me the ultimatum and said that the dog would be a lot of upfront costs plus monthly expenses which would cause me to do less with friends, less possible shopping, less eating out, etc, and that the camera could possibly generate some income.
I hate that we can't have it all in life! :)
Long story short, I knew that Jeff and I were not on the same page about getting a dog and I didn't want it to cause any more frustration, so, therefore, I chose to save for the camera. I know that many of you would have chosen the dog, but I know that one day we will get a little puppy. I am dying to get back into photography since it is a passion of mine and I really hope to be able to sell some of it. (who knows if that will happen, though)
So I did some more shopping (since I have been shopping for a camera for a long time) and once again had to chose between a Canon and a Nikon. Canons are great and seem to have a little bit more features in the camera, but you can do those same things in Photoshop if you get a Nikon. Ive been told that I will be happy with either one, they are both great cameras, it is just a matter of what brand you like more.
My dad has a Nikon and he mentioned that I should also get one so that we can share lenses. What a great idea! Lenses are the bulk of the expense for cameras, anyways. So, I decided to go with the Nikon D90 that comes with at 18-105 mm lens. It is not the fanciest camera out there, but I think it will be perfect for me to get started with SLR camera. Hopefully after just a few months of saving, I can go get this new toy! :)
Here a link to check out it's cool features.


Stori said...

That was a tough choice! I'll be your first customer as soon as you get your Camera. Nick and I have been needing to get new pictures together... we might even get Frodo a haircut and let him join. And you'll get a puppy, don't worry. I'm really proud of you, I don't think that I would have waited for the delayed gratification of the camera.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and get it, will you?, so you can teach me how to use mine! Love my D90 - don't think you can go wrong with a Nikon.
Yer dear 'ol dad.


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