Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekly LOST Review

So, after last night's episode of LOST, it is pretty safe to say that I am fully "lost" in the show. I think that it might be a little too far over my head. lol
One thing is for sure that Richard is by far my new favorite character! Not only is he attractive, but he knows it all. He is the mastermind and has been there longer than anyone else. Like Jeff has said for a long time, Richard is the key!
I was going to make another list of outstanding questions, but it was really long, so instead, I am going to copy some topics from my weekly "LOST email chain" with some friends.
I added a few to this list, but Ode to Eric for making most of it. It's about time he get a blog of his own! :)

1) We see Horace the leader of Dharma on the was pointed out that we have seen him before. He invites young Ben and his father to the island. And he also appears to Locke in a vision (that is skipping, like time skipping?) He obviously has some more significance that we first thought.

2) As Gribs has pointed out several times...Richard Alpert is the man! It's because it seems he has been involved in everything that has happened in the island so far. Another tidbit from lunch -> Eye-liner was used by Egyptians. Statue? Wow Richard is really old then.

3) Where is the Black Rock??!! Common I want to see some pirates!

4) Has the time travel really stopped? If so, should we assume that Locke/Ben/new people are in the 70's too? But just in a different island? (my guess, they are in the future and somehow they will kick start time travel again)

5) Is there anything Juliet can't do? She is a mechanic now? hahaha. And I was asked by another undisclosed lunch buddy (hint: name starts with T and ends wIth M) "At the end, why was Juliet shirtless, and not Sawyer." (I was too distracted by Juliet, didn't notice)

6) Why did Sawyer lie to Juliet after Jin called to tell them about Jack/Hurley/Kate? Uuuuu Sawyer is going to get it when he comes back...LOL (or maybe they are not married, so it is ok to lie to G/F)...just kidding!

7) What is the huge statue from?? We assume that it is where the huge foot on the beach came from, but who built it?

8) Where the heck is Rose and Bernard?

9) Still, where is Claire and Aaron, and what significance does she hold?

Jeff had a great theory last night to add onto my "allegory for Christ's life". First, Stori said that Christian might represent John the Baptist because he "prepares the way" for John Locke, as John the Baptist did for Christ. Jeff then said that Richard and the "hostiles" might represent the people of the Old Testiment times and how they live life very "ritualistic" and Richard demanded an "eye for and eye" when Sawyer killed the two men in the jungle. Also, when Ben kills all of the Dharma group that could have been a "purge" such as the Flood or the Killing of the First Born.

Who knows?! Maybe we are just pulling this stuff out of the air, but it is fun!

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Anonymous said...

Claire has been dead for a while. I have no idea where Aaron is.


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