Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last night's episode of LOST was supposed to be "the best of the season". Let's just say that I was HIGHLY disappointed in the events that unfolded.
Faraday was instantly one of my favorites. I have this kind of weird "thing" for smart, quirky men. I know, I know... but hey, just look at Jeff, they make wonderful husbands. lol
Anyhoo...We found out a lot about Faraday's life and his psychological abuse from his mom, Eloise Hawking; along with reassurance of our guess that Charles Widmore was his father. Besides a few blurbs of high level math jargin (that most of the views would not understand anyway), we did not learn much about what Faraday actually knew about the island. This is so frustrating.
Then at the end of the show, he is shot by his own mother! If that is not bad enough, she has such little respect and love for him, that she sent him back to the island with full knowledge that it would happen! What a psycho! ugh... Now we will never know exactly what he know and found out.
And so it stands that we have lost another one of my favorite characters :( I really hope that they bring him and Charlie back asap!
So the question stands.. Can you really change the future? If it is really Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurlye, etc's present, in the past, can they change what will happen?
How will the writters solve this one?
I really hope that they are not on some infinate loop, but I also hope that they can't change the future because that means that none of them would have ever met and this whole show has been a waste! lol jk

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