Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just finished Twilight last night!!
I have to admit that when the movie came out, first of all, I had never heard of the books, second, I thought "how cheesy! A movie about Vampires?!" Of course, I had heard that those that read the book were highly disappointed by the movie, but that is pretty normal. My impression is that it was just another teenage girl obsession like High School Musical or Harry Potter.
Sure enough, I borrowed a bunch of books from Allyson a while back and she included Twilight. She made a point to tell me that "it was awesome, just give it a chance." I of course, put it off a while to make sure I read some other books that I knew would be great.
So, about 2 weeks ago, I finished Mercy by Jodi Picoult, and had to pick a new read. I thought, "well, I will give Twilight a chance, but if it is super cheesy, then I will start something else."
Yep! I fell into the trap; I was hooked! Yes! a book about vampires! and NO! it was not cheesy. I immediately fell in love with Edward and wished that I too, could some how become a vampire like Bella wished.
Now, I kind of want to see the movie, but I dont want it to ruin it for me.
Next on my list is to go get Breaking Dawn to continue the saga! :)


Laura said...

I love that you read it! My cousin, who is almost 26 and an English teacher, gave me a whole bunch of books to borrow while I was sick over 2 years ago. I saved the Twilight books til the end because I thought they sounded so freaking cheesy... of course I got hooked! Glad that you got sucked in too!!!

Erica said...

Ahh love me some edward cullen! You must see the movie!! You'll fall in love with robert pattinson!!! Leah and I were just discussing this last night!! haha

Flour Blossoms said...

Haha I love it. When I read them I tried to explain to Sean that "its a vampire book, but its not weird." He thought I was insane.

You should totally watched the movie, but I am not gonna lie its TERRIBLE so just be prepared beforehand. The effects are really cheesy. They have a much bigger budget for the next one so I am hoping its a little bit better.

Stori said...

Do you think I can borrow your copy?

Me said...

FINALLY!!! Edward makes me swoon. I want to be a Cullen so badly! ha ha! I heart those cheesy books but you know I wouldn't steer you wrong! Oh, and I'll send the sequels to work with Tim tomorrow. :)

Me said...

PS - Stephenie Meyer wrote a non-twilight adult book called "The Host" and it is really great!!!

dad said...

Good Grief

leah said...

The movie is AMAZING -- trust me. The book is better, of course, but seeing Edward Cullen in the flesh (pun intended) will make you MELT!!!! I suggest just buying the dvd - no need to rent it.

Wait til you read the others!!!!!
And to think --- 3 more movies...ai yi yiiiI!


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