Thursday, May 7, 2009

LOST "Follow the Leader"

This week's episode of LOST was one of the best in a long time! I am actually in the process of rewatching it as I speak so since there seemed to be so much that went on...

We find out that most of the "Others" are way more confused about what is going on than we thought. Eloise, Charles, Richard, and Ben seem to be lost, literally!

I was hoping to learn more about Richard's past. We got to see a lot of him, but he didn't answer any questions or give us some history... typical!

It seems to be proving that this is just going to be a continuous loop since they can not change the future. Jack seems to be convinced otherwise, however. This, in turn, breaks Kate's heart since Jack wants to erase everything that has happened the last 3 years.

John seems to have a new air of confidence about him. I like it; he obviously knows a lot and has complete control over what is going on.

I love how Ben just mopes around and pouts about not being the leader anymore. He is such a baby! (Sorry, Allyson) lol I think that he is back to his old ways and going to try to get Richard to go against John. He is such a trouble maker!

My favorite part of the whole episode is when John brings Richard and Ben in the forest to watch himself come out of the forest; sending Richard to take the bullet out of his leg... very trippy!
Best line is from Ben to John, "This must be quite the out of body experience!"

Ben seemed to read my mind when he asked John, "how did you know when to be here?" and John replied, "the Island told me." COME ON!! Give me something more than that! geez!

Favorite part #2 is Hugo trying to prove that he is not from the future, claiming he was 46, there is no such thing as the Korean War, and had no clue who was President of the US... I have to sympathize since I wouldn't have known that stuff either. lol Of course, typical Hurley stumbles over his words and just gives up.

Now we just need to figure out who Jacob is... Why hasn't anyone seen him?? Why didn't he ask what Christian Shepherd's role was? What about Claire, did he forget about her??
I really hope that I was right in guessing that John is Jacob, but when John admits at the end of the episode that he wants to kill Jacob (dum dum dum!), that might prove me wrong... We'll see!

Are Juliet and Sawyer going to go back to the real world and live happilier every after, buying Microsoft and betting on Cowboys football games?? I hope not! Kate is such a home wrecker; I dont like Juliet, but Kate is a hussy...

I can't believe next week is the finale... I'm so excited!

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Barbara Gribnau said...

Maybe they're in Hell and everything just keeps happening over & over (wouldn't that be hell?) Jacob is Satan or maybe Richard and that's why babies didn't survive there...I don't know! Some things make sense and others don't!


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