Friday, May 15, 2009


Here is another thought:

What about that time that Christian and Claire were in the cabin? Can MIB (man in black) be two people at once? Is Claire even really dead for him to take her form? She could just be brainwashed to follow him since Christian is her dad, she may just be doing anything he says, trusting that he is right.
Also, an "Anubis" Egyptian god of the underworld (which is what the statue is of), so if MIB is an Anubis, then it would make since that he could take the forms of dead people.

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Stori said...

I don't know... I know that people don't have to be dead for Smokey to take their form. The producers have confirmed that he was Walt once, and Walt's still alive. I hope that Claire isn't really dead, so I'm hoping that she's just brainwashed. Plus, my theory of Smokey as a shapeshifting spirit that takes the form of being the MIB and Christian and others, is harder for me to swallow if I have to believe that he can take the form of two people at once!

One more thing, when Smokey is in Smokey form, why doesn't he make monster noises? He only seems to copy sounds that he's heard, like machine noises or jungle noises. Do you think he picked up the maching noises from the incident?


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