Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What about the kids???!!

Last night was the last night that I will be watching "Jon and Kate plus 8". I find it so sad and selfish that they have chosen the show over their marriage. Although there are rumors of infidelity, they have denied all of them so obviously they chose not to work through their issues (even if it was an affair, or two) for the health of their family because that would mean forfeiting the show and fame.
I had such high hopes for them since the beginning. they seemed like such Christian loving parents. I even defended them when people would make comments about how "they won't last if with a show like that..." etc. I guess they proved me wrong!
Kate is too in throbbed in her book tours, photo shoots, speaking engagements, and tanning and plastic surgery, and Jon is too bottled up to say that he hates the spot light. Is money really worth losing your spouse and the stability for your kids who already live a crazy life? I feel so bad for those babies! I see Kate coming out in the twin Maddy, and it isn't pretty! I really hope that the ratings go so low that they have to quit the show anyways... maybe then they will realize what they had and work it out.

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