Monday, July 13, 2009

Are you ready for some football??!!...

...Griblet is!
I went to Lubbock this weekend to visit Rachel, my friend and roommate from college, so while I was there I was able to stock up on some Tech gear. Along with a few new t-shirts, and a double T sticker for our future SUV family car, Rachel was so sweet and bought our baby 2 onesies and I got one to go along with them. I made sure to get one for each stage of growth so that he/she will have something "Tech" to wear for a long time.
Of course, Jeff is a bit disgruntled by the fact that our baby is already decked out in red and black, but I was nice and promised him that I would get an aTm one, too. I think I might make one that is half red and half maroon and says something like "product of a split household" on it. I think it would be cute! Anyways, here are the pics:

6 months12 months

18 months


Melissa D. said...

If Griblet isn't going to be an only child, you should just go ahead and skip the SUV and go directly for the minivan . . . they may not be "hip," but they are oh so practical, and that is what really matters when you are hauling kids around.

p.s. even tech gear looks cute in baby size . . . gig'em. :)

Stori said...

I'm so glad that I married an Aggie. I couldn't take my children wearing those colors... or even worse burnt orange! Jeff must really love you. :)

Reese, Nate, & Kristina said...

So exciting Jessica!


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