Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gribnau Brewery

Jeff has finally decided to dive into making beer. He has been wanting to do this for a long time but with night school and work it just was not possible. I got him his first kit for his birthday about 3 years ago so he had everything he needed to get started. I think he has discovered a hobby that is going to stick around for a while. Not to mention that after all that hard work you get to have beer when your done! lolStirring the Malt

Cooking the Malt

I was in charge of sterilization

Yes, it is sitting in our bathtub.

Jeff loves to check on his beer first thing when he gets home from work. He cracks me up. When he does something, he goes all out. He has already researched how to make other kinds, like a German Lager, wheat beer, and who knows what else. He has plans for the specific beer brewing refrigerator that he wants and how he needs a whole room that he can control the temperature, lighting, etc. for a prime brewing atmosphere. He loves to show me all of the graphs on the rate the yeast is growing and eating the sugar to make the alcohol, and true to his personality, he has researched everything you can about the process of which the malt becomes beer.
I wish I could try it in a few weeks when it's done, but I have a feeling this won't be the last batch of "Gribnau Beer".


Tanya said...

Love this! Zach and your Uncle Paul do this too. I guess you knew they had a BREW ROOM upstairs. Anyway, it is nice to hear about others who research and go all out about things, because Zach is the same way.
Hope all is well!


Stori said...

Too bad you can't drink any! How long before its ready?

Barbara said...

It all sounds very "mad scientist"

Texas Lady said...

he will have it ready by August 29 for his Fantasy Football Draft party.. that is, if it tastes ok to serve. lol


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