Friday, August 28, 2009

Refinish Chair... check!

Another piece marked off my list... Meet "Paige":
I dont think I posted about this back in May when I bought the chair, but here it is:
I bought it at Goodwill when Paige was in town visiting for only $25 (hence the chair's name). I thought it had some potential; It only needed a bit of work on the legs and a new seat made.
The colors are a bit off in the picture, but I painted it white and got some beautiful blue, plum, and gray stripped fabric for the seat and made a pillow out of this beaded coordinating fabric. I absolutely love it! I might have to tackle another piece sometime soon; I love it when a furniture piece has a story to go with it. Here she is today:

1 comment:

Stori said...

I love your bedroom. I wish I could take it and put it in my house.


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