Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Little Wann-der"

Stori and Nick are having a baby!!! (I stole the title from her blog since their last name is Wann)
I am so excited to finally be able to say something and post about it! She told me a few weeks ago but I was sworn to secrecy, but now that she has posted on her blog and told everyone, I feel better about talking about it.
God has truly blessed them and I know they have wanted a baby for a long time, so His gift means so much to them! I can't wait to throw her a shower, help decorate her nursery, and do a bunch of baby stuff.
Now that she is preggers, there are three of us (Stori, Elysha, and myself) that are pregnant and only a few weeks apart from each other. She is 9.5 weeks along, doing great, feeling good, and got her first ultrasound done yesterday.I am so jealous because you can actually make out the form of the baby (it's hard to see here, but on the print out it is so clear)! You can see where the eyes will be and the little nubby arms and legs. You can read her blog here if you want to follow her progress.
"Little Wann", "Baby Oriol", and "Griblet" are going to have some pretty awesome play dates! :)

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Stori said...

Thank you for being my friend! I can't wait to go through this with you, and I hope our babies are as good of friends as we are. :)


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