Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 20

This is the first time in my life that I am excited to watch my belly getting bigger! :)
This weekend I felt a first real kick! I had been feeling "flurries" but now I can really feel some kicking. It is so crazy! I am feeling great; migraines seem to be gone (although I still get the occasional headache).
Now I have to decide if we are going to find out what "Griblet" is... my next ultrasound is a week from today on the 28th.
The nursery is in progress and I painted today. I will be picking up the furniture this Saturday. Piece by piece, it's coming together.


Melissa D. said...

very exciting to feel those first real official kicks. It always thought it was like my own cool little secret, no one else knew (unless I told) that my baby and I were communicating. Congrats!

Stori said...

There's that cute little bump! I can't wait to find out!!!

Kendall and Brooks said...

aww cute belly :) I was going to ask you, my friend Mindy is pregnant and she wants a jogging stroller/travel system - isn't that what you got? Which did you get? Do you love it??

knack said...

you are soooo cute!

isn't it amazing to feel those sweet movements!....enjoy this magical time! xo


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