Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avery's Christmas Stocking

It is a tradition in our family to make our Christmas stockings. My mom and sister have cross-stitched theirs and ours growing up, which I am not good at or really enjoy doing, so I decided to take a different approach and quilt Avery's. I was lazy last year and simply bought mine and Jeff's stockings, but they are also green and white quilted ones, so they fit. Now, I just need to get a pretty hanger for it. I LOVE her's and am totally jealous of how awesome and BIG her stocking gets to be, lol. Oh well, I would much rather her have it and plus, there's plenty of room for Santa to fill it up ;)
I put her name on the loop. The blue stiching matches the Christmas fabric I used for lining on the inside. I love this line of fabric!:A close up of the quilting:


Melissa D. said...

that is soo beautiful.

Stori said...

I love it! I had a quilted stocking growing up and it is one of my favorite childhood things.


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