Friday, October 23, 2009

The Last Piece!

I can't thank Stori and Nick enough for picking up the glider for me at the store! I was soo excited last week when they called to say it was ready to be picked up but today was the first day we were able to schedule a time to go get it. Stori and Nick live right by the boutique that I got it from and they insisted that they could pick it up for me and bring it over. They are wonderful friends! I owe you big! :)
It is so wonderful! I can't wait to get the pillow that goes with it (it was on backorder). It is a bit tight in the room, but I think it is nice and cozy :)
Now for some stuff to go on the walls....

1 comment:

Stori said...

You have such a beautiful nursery! We were happy to help.


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