Monday, November 23, 2009

Shower #4

This shower was given by my sister Emily and a dear family friend Rita Elrod. It was a "Bath Time" theme. They are some awesome shower planners! They had 2 games (which I lost misearably at), lots of bath toys as decorations, and Emily made a very cute diaper cake. Oh! and there were rubber duckies floating in the punch!
There were about 25 people that were able to make it. All of them are long time friends that I have not seen in a very long time, so it was great to get to see them. Another friend of mine, Ryane, (whom I grew up with and lived with in college for a year) just found out that she is pregnant, too! I think this makes #7, of friends who are due after me! Whoa! Anyways, here are a few pictures:
Emily and Rita
The pretty table
The Cake
Lauren made the cookies! Sooo cute and yummy :)
Diaper Cake

1 comment:

Stori said...

I love it! I'm glad it was so wonderful. I love Ms. Elrod too!

Tell Ryane I said congratulations!


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