Saturday, December 12, 2009


God is Great!!
It is amazing to watch my little baby girl move around inside of me. I can't even describe the feeling I had when they turned on the monitor and we saw Avery's face in 3D.
I literally was taken aback! It's funny because I've seen these 4D pictures many times before of friends babies. They are all adorable! But when it's yours... its just different.
I get choked up right now just thinking about that.
I will never forget a few certain things about my pregnancy with Avery...
1. The day I found out I was pregnant; June 1st, 2009
2. The first time I felt a real kick (we were at my parent's house for the weekend and I had just laid down to go to bed when, POP, there she kicked!!) I about jumped out of bed and did a little dance. I wanted to wake Jeff up so bad, but he sleeps so hard that I knew that would be a futile effort. lol) Jeff has finally felt her moving around. For the longest time she liked to tease him and stop moving every time he put his hand on my tummy :)
3. The first time we heard the heart beat and saw her ultrasound
4. Yesterday's 4D ultrasound session. Wow! I highly suggest people go do it. It's not that expensive, relatively, and it is so fun! Allyson and Tim gave us this session as a gift so we shared this experience with them. I am so glad they were there to watch it with us.

I'm sure there will be lots more memories to be made, but for now, those are the big highlights
As a part of the session we were able to get 6 b&w 3d photos, about 65 color photos, a DVD of the session (it has all of her movements recorded and put to music), and we got a teddy bear with her heartbeat recorded inside. I think it will be fun for her to have and listen to when she decides to join us.
Anyways, here are a few pictures. I just picked a few of my favorites; there's more on Facebook...


She was being shy


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wow the ultrasound looks great! ;)
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