Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Avery is growing so fast! I never knew how much babies change in just 9 weeks. It's remarkable to watch them grow and how just 1 week can make a huge difference.
She now can hold her head up without much help. She needs a little help after a while but for the most part she's got it on her own.
Since she's getting stronger we put together the Baby Einstein Entertainer.She loves it, which means I love it, too! She's a bit too short to reach the bottom with her feet so I put a book under her feet for her to set them on and she can work her leg muscles, too.
She loves to sit up and stand on your lap. Obviously she needs help but her back and legs are so strong that she is constantly pushing against stuff to try and push up. Awesome! I think it's time to start more "Tummy Time" every day.
She loves looking around; she's very curious about everything. We laugh because she has a constant "surprised" look on her face. Here's one from Easter to show what I mean:HAHAHA I love it!
She wants to be held facing outward (Like Jeff is doing in the Easter picture above) so that she can see everything... The only time she will be craddled is when she's tired and wants to go to sleep. She's detaching from mommy already:( ...so I got out the Baby Bjorn this weekend to see if it would pass her test. She doesn't seem to mind it for about 15 minutes or so, but she's still pretty little so she kinda bounces around in it. I cant blame her for not lasting too long, I guess. I had just enough time to do the dishes. I think a little bit everyday will help her get used to it. which will be nice for our Disney World vacation this year.
Along with being held outwards, she won't let me sit down. Last night Jeff and I were laughing because I was holding her and the second I sat she would fuss, but as soon as I stood she would quit. It was quite remarkable. I've been getting lots of squats in lately, lol. I guess the plus side to not being able to sit down is that i get lots of walking in. I also try to do lunges and other leg exercises using her as a weight... why not??
She laughs and "coo's" all the time. It's so sweet to have her react to things going on around her now. As hard as it is to be running on little sleep, her smile in the morning makes it all worth it!
As far as sleeping goes, well, that's different everyday. She's always been a good sleeper but when and where (her bed, the swing, the bouncer chair, or my lap) is always new. She likes her crib at night (for the most part) but not during the day. Why? I have no idea!
Another thing... Binkis (aka pacifier) are so annoying and frustrating! I never thought I would say that since I was a "binki baby" but as the mom, it's totally different! I think she's been trying to find her thumb, though. She gets it in her mouth for a second but then fusses for her binki. I think it won't be as bad when she can hold it in her mouth, pick it up, etc.

As you can see it's very different everyday but it's a blast! I love this life!

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Stori said...

I LOVE her little surprised look too! She is so precious and cracks me up.


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