Friday, May 28, 2010


Despite my greatest efforts of keeping everything so clean, Avery caught what I had last week... A nasty head cold. She started showing signs that something was wrong on our way home from Houston on Wednesday. She fussed the whole way home when she normally sleeps or is very pleasant in the car.
Sure enough... a cough and congestion set in that night. Poor thing had a horrible night and couldn't sleep. I can't blame her; I didn't either when I was sick. I had the doctor call in a prescription yesterday so it seems to be helping a little. She looks so sad all the time, though. Her eyes are so red and watery; her cough sounds painful; and her little nose is so stuffed up. It breaks my heart when she looks up at me with those eyes that say, "fix it, mommy! I don't know what's going on!" At least it's just a cold, but now I have to watch for dehydration since she doesn't want to eat very much. As of right now, I think she's ok in that area, but it can happen so fast. I hope she gets over it faster than I did 'cuz I'm still fighting a stuffy nose after a week now.

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Stori said...

Poor little sweetheart! That is horrible. Give those kissable little lips a giant kiss from me.


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