Thursday, August 19, 2010

Avery 6 Months

I am SOOO late at posting this!! It's been a crazy few weeks. The day after she turned 6 months, we left for Florida for a week and then the day we got back, which was last Saturday, she came down with some kind of stomach virus. Well, we think its just a virus, but it could be salmonella... We find out later this week what the test results are. Please pray that she starts getting better. She is already doing much better, but there are still a few symptoms that she needs to push through. It breaks my heart when my baby is sick! :(

Anyways... Back to her 6 month update.
Here's a few pictures that I took on the 5th:

I know I am biased, but if you ask me, she is really blossoming into a beautiful little girl! :)
Here is a sneak peak at some of the pictures that Kelley took during her 6 month session:

I can't wait to see them all. It's going to be hard to pick!
She is sitting pretty stably now. I still like to put pillows around her because she still has some spills and when there's not a soft landing she will hit her head, then, it's a rough few hours after.
She wants to lean forward on her hands but she isn't strong enough to support her weight so she often face plants, lol.
She is very talkative now and jabbers a lot! Why do adults feel the need to repeat every sound a baby makes? I know I am guilty of it! lol
We've started baby food but it's been pretty difficult to get her interested. She hates the rice and oatmeal cereal and has not taken to any fruits. (I actually got her to take a few bites of apple sauce over the vacation). She will eat carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash if she is in the mood to eat that day. Hopefully she starts catching on soon. We have to wait on solid food until she gets better so maybe a few extra weeks will be enough time for her to mature a bit more.
She loves it when I read to her and is really into her Sesame Street board books. They are short and simple and very colorful. She also really likes Barney now. I know I have said a million times that I hoped she wouldn't like him.... I am convinced there's some brainwashing going on... ;)
Other than that, we just keep getting bigger and bigger. She weighed in at 17 lbs 5 oz and 26.75 inches long. That makes her in the 90% for her length and 70-75% for her weight. She is getting chunky but I think its cute and it's in all the right places! :)

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Stori said...

If she gets too chunky for you, send her on over to the Wann household... we love the chunk over here! She will be in good company with her BFF :). Poor baby, we will be praying that she gets better!


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