Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High Chair Cover

I decided a while back that I needed to get a new high chair cover. I have this one (but in the green toile print), which is awesome as a grocery cart cover but its so fluffy and big that it doesnt really fit on a restaurant's high chair and the bigger Avery gets, the harder it is for me to fit her in the high chair with it on. Therefore, in true "Suzie Home-maker" style, I decided that I couldn't buy one, I need to make it. I found a pattern from McCalls but I changed it up a bit (again, just like me to do that!) lol. It called for some straps to tie toys onto. These are really nice but Avery doesnt really play with those kind of toys that often anyways, and I always end up taking them off the ties anyways. I can still go back and add them if I decide, but for now I am going to leave them off.
Also, I added some velcro so that I can fold it up and carry it by the leg seperator strip. It folds up perfectly into a little square, so why not?

I think that if I ever make another one I might add a pocket or two, just for the heck of it. :) I love it; I hope you do, too!


Barbara G said...

Cute!! You could still do the Owls and have a backup!

Flour Blossoms said...

you should really make an etsy store. Jessica your stuff is as good as anything I've ever seen and you always pick really precious and appealing fabrics.


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