Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Diaper Bag

Up until last week I had been using a normal over-the-shoulder diaper bag. Things started to get out of control when I felt like a pack mule just going to the grocery store. Until we found a cart, I would be carrying Avery (who now requires her blanket and baby doll), the cart cover, diaper bag (that weighed about as much as Avery does) and my purse if I had it with me. It was so embarrassing because just about every time we went someone would stop and ask if they could help me carry all of my stuff when they saw me juggling a million things and dropping half of them, then nearly falling over trying to pick it up!! Geez! I know they were being nice but something had to give!

So, for a while I have been looking for a backpack diaper bag. I found a few that I liked but none that I loved; they all looked too small. For Christmas my sister gave me this lunch box from Potterybarn Kids for Avery's snacks. I love it!!

For some reason I was on their website looking at some other stuff when I randomly spotted that they have backpacks to match the lunchbox! Now, I know they are made for little kids and I almost didn't buy it for that reason, but I thought I couldn't look any more silly than I already did at the store, lol. Plus, it was SO much cheaper than a real diaper bag and much larger so I went ahead and ordered it thinking I could just return it to the store if I hated it.

Turns out, I love it!!!!! I got the Large size, which was good because it fits me perfectly and has so much room for extra toys and clothes, plus the lunchbox clips on the front. One less thing I have to carry!

I love that it is hands free and I can wear it while I shop so it doesn't take up room in the cart.

I may look a little silly, but I think that comes with the territory when being a mom of little ones...


Stori said...

Awesome. I love that the lunch box attaches to the back! I am on the market for a smaller diaper bag... I may yet opt for the backpack route!

The Rabe's said...

I'm a tad bit of a blog stalker but we have had a backpack for a diaper bag from day 1 and I LOVE it. My hands are always free and my husband does not mind wearing it. Ours is not as cute (it is Timberland from Babies R Us) but I'm more practical then cute. You will love yours!


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