Sunday, February 27, 2011

Avery's 1 Year Photos

For those of you not on Facebook, here are some pictures that I took on Saturday of Miss Aves. Allyson and I took her to Fairview park about 30 min away and set up a little picnic scene on the water. She did so good playing in the clovers for almost an hour. By the time we were ready to switch outfits and scenery she had had enough! They also had the white picket fence covered up in orange tape with "warning: lead hazard" all over it! I was SO mad! The fence was one of the main reasons I wanted to take her there! I am going to have to find out when they will be done repainting and go back.
Allyson also took some AMAZING photos. She is a wonderful photographer!! I am so glad she went; I can't wait to see the rest of her shots.
It is exhausting trying to chase a 1-year old around and get good photos! She never stays where you want her to or looks at the camera. Despite the difficulty, we had a blast and ended up with some great shots. Here are just a few; I have so many more that it was hard to pick my favorites:

1 comment:

Paige Evans said...

I love the one where it looks like she's screaming. She's so precious!!
Love y'all. -Paige


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