Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Norah Update

We had our follow up appointment at the specialist today; it went great. He reviewed all of the basic measurement and checked the heart (since he couldn't get a good angle last time); everything looked as it should, so he was able to release us. The cyst on the brain even resolved its self. What a relief! It doesnt guarantee anything but he feels confident enough that there is nothing wrong that he does not need to see us anymore.

She is measuring in at 1 lb already! That seemed so big to me. I think that's partly because I forget how fast they grow and that means she doubled her weight in just 4 weeks! As for me, I am feeling great and getting bigger. I am up between 6-10lbs, depending on the day and who's scale I am using. My scale is normally the nicest, so I say I am up 8 lbs. lol Here's a few glamour shots of the little one:

1 comment:

Melissa D. said...

I'm so glad you guys got that good news from the specialist . . . and even more glad to know you will love and adore little Norah exactly as God made her. Continued prayers for another healthy and beautiful daughter!


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