Sunday, March 13, 2011

On The Hunt

I am currently searching for a new camera bag. Since I only do photography as a hobby I have a VERY small inventory of accessories and only 1 lens for my camera. I hope that as time goes on I can slowly built up my collection.
While online shopping I noticed that I had about 3 choices.
1. A cheap, not so attractive, but functional black bag. BORING!
2. A super cute, stylish, trendy and colorful bag from one of these fun sites

3. Or, a timeless, classy bag with lots of pockets. This is obviously the choice I am going with.
Although I love some of the bags above, and they may be cooler, I tend to shop for items like this on the "safe side." If I am going to invest a lot of money into something I want it to last me a long time.
I fell in love with this one, below. Although it is not as trendy, pretty, a bright fun color, etc, I think it is one that will grow with me as a photographer with lots of pockets and never go out of style.

The downside: The website has it listed for 466.67 pounds (the equivilant of $749.89) YIKES!! True to my taste, I find and pick the most expensive bag possible!

What to do?? Find it on ebay! I am biding on one now but it lasts another week so I doubt I will win for the amount I am willing to go up to.
I continued to shop around for something that could be a backup. I have found this one but the colors seem a little off (it comes in khaki, black, and green) and it's a canvas bag vs leather, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper, so it may be a good choice.

I still really like the Dre Hartmann above but it's smaller and has limited pocket space, but it may be in the running, also.

I'll keep you posted on what I end up with! :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Kelly Moore Bag! Interested in what you get


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