Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Monitor

I have been told that I shouldn't live without one. I survived with a regular one with Avery but I am really tempted to invest in a video monitor this time around since I know I am going to be even more tired this go-round so any extra second of rest I can savor, I will!

So, I have done a little shopping around but I have no idea which one to go with. Not only that, but they are much more expensive than I expected! If anyone has any suggestions on which one to get, I would greatly appreciate it!! As of right now, I am looking at this one:



liz said...

whichever one you get make sure that it is scrambled. I saw this disturbing piece on the news that some weirdos go around and can tap (for lack of better word) into your monitor and see what is going on...super creepy i know!! but on the bright side, i have a video monitor and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! totally worth the investment!

Stori said...

I had this one and I loved it! A portable monitor is a MUST.


Make sure you keep your receipt because the warranty lasts one year from date of purchase. You will have to replace the battery about once per year.

Miss you and Avery!!! We need to Skype once we get into our apartment.

Sara said...

I didn't have the slim model, but LOVED the Summer Day and Night Color Video Monitor we had for Lil. I read some reviews/complaints about short battery life, but never really had a problem myself. I would charge the handheld in the cradle at night and only walk around with it during the day if she was napping. It was probably in the $150-200 range when we bought it 3 years ago and I used it until very recently when we moved up to a "big girl" bed.

That being said, I have seen new technology with two-way audio recently in the same price range. I can't offer any opinions as to whether it's any better than video-only. . just caught my eye as "new."


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