Monday, May 16, 2011

Audubon Zoo

We've been wanting to go to the New Orleans zoo since I moved out here in 2007. It had a pretty bad hit during Katrina but I had heard that it recovered well and that it was the best zoo in the area.
It was a PERFECT weekend for it! It was cool and breezy and hardly any humidity. That is so rare for Louisiana!! Avery seemed to really enjoy seeing the animals and she was so good the whole time; even through having a late and short nap in the car and eating her hotdog and fries on the run. I just love this age she is at! I love how she is so curious, explores, and constantly wants to "go, go, go," and starting to communicate back to me.
Anyways, here's a few pictures of the zoo. I just love animals as subjects for photography but the zoo is not a very good setting with ugly backgrounds and web cages between you and the animals, so these are mainly just some snap shots, nothing too artsy here this time....

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