Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I bet you thought by the title of this that I was going to be showing pictures of Avery in the Texas Bluebonnets... Nope! We missed out on that this year, unfortunately.

Actually, I am going to show you the painting I finally finished for my sister's birthday. She requested a "Jessica Gribnau original" for their new house that they are building, so I thought a Bluebonnet would be perfect.

**Emily, if you are reading this STOP NOW! Unless you want to ruin the surprise!**

I think it turned out pretty good. Of course, I only see all of the flaws when I look at it, but that comes with the territory, I guess. I hope you like it too!

*Just and FYI... the picture doesnt seem to show all of the detail or how bright the colors really are.


Anonymous said...

love the bold colors!

Paige Evans said...

Beautiful! you are so talented!!


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