Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lake Travis

This year, our family decided to take a trip to Austin and visit some sites that we have not seen in a long time. My parents rented a house on Lake Travis for about 10 days. It was so pretty! I think the best part of this vacation was that we had no real plans when we got there; no where we had to be at a certain time (with the exception of the spa, but that doesnt count, lol). The thing I love most about Texas is all of the hidden treasures there are around the state. We were able to go out to Hamilton Pool for a day. It was one of the only places that was either still open to the public, or was not effected by the drought out there. What a small piece of paradise!
With the water so low my dad had to put the boat in a marina, but luckily it wasnt very far. We went out on the boat at least once a day but working around babies always makes it interesting. I know that Avery had a blast with her cousins and I can tell she really misses them already since we got home. Anyways, heres a few select pictures to share (only about 37 out of hundreds!). I can't claim any of these since I didn't get my camera out at all the whole time! What's wrong with me??!!

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