Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things I'm Currently Thankful For

-Coffee in the morning (ok, maybe all day ;P )
-Glass of wine and conversation in the evening with my husband
-a nice warm bed that is like sleeping on a cloud (although my time spent there has greatly diminished these days)
-My video monitor - I got a second camera so I can see both girls at night. It's fantastic!
-Our future house in Texas. We are really getting crammed in this house so this move can't come fast enough! We will be almost doubling square footage which will be wonderful but I dont look forward to cleaning that much space... and another bathroom!
-My husband. He keeps me grounded on bad days like yesterday and reminds me constantly that I am going to miss these days with the girls. Yes, it may be hard and frustrating and a patience tester, but they are going to fly by.

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