Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its been a while since I have had any outside contact with the internet world. In the past 3 weeks I think I have only been on Facebook twice and that was because I had a specific notification I wanted to see and as far as blogging goes... well I think you can tell how well I have kept up with that!
Anyways, both girls are sleeping at the same time so I thought I would make a quick post.
We have been living with my parents now since August 29 and the moving truck gets to our house tomorrow to unload all of our stuff from Louisiana. I can not wait to get settled!!! I get so unbelievable stressed out when my life is scattered all over the place; living out of suitcases and not being able to find anything is not a cup of tea! I do have to be so greatful though that my parents agreed to take us in. That saves us so much money (an sanity) as opposed to living in an apartment.
Norah's baptism was on Sept 3 at my parent's lake house. I will have to make another post on that later.
I still need to do Norah's first month post and as she quickly approaches 2 months old I have lots of catching up to do! At least I have been taking notes to help me remember little milestones here and there.
As for Avery, she is loving being with Nana and Pappy (and Lucy, their chihuahua). She is so sweet to Norah and gives her kisses all of the time. I think she really likes having a baby around (for the most part, anyways). She also is starting to talk... A LOT! It's really pretty cute how she tries to repeat everything I say. Time to start watching my mouth! lol
Wish me luck on getting settled as fast as possible. I can't wait to show pictures of our new house and tell all about it!
Here's some pictures of the quilt my mom made for Norah and a few of the little gal, herself!


Stori said...

Ooohhhh, I want Norah's blankie!!! So glad to hear from you. We miss you! So much to tell... Isla fell asleep at her high chair too and I tried to take a picture but she woke up... BOO!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jessica was catching up on Stori's blog and saw your update. Oh my goodness what a beauty Norah is. I know your mom and dad are loving having you all there. How exciting that you all will be in your beautiful new home today. Hug those sweet girls for me and hope to see them in person very soon, Lisa


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