Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 toddlers and a baby

My sister was here this weekend. That means there was 3 toddlers and a baby in my house. It happens quite often that they are together for days at a time but this weekend was special.
Toddler 1: knocked the trash can over spilling food and diapers and lots of yucky mess all over
Toddler 2: Threw a pumpkin in the toilet
Toddler 3: A. made a dirty diaper and decided to find out what it felt like and come show me her dirty hands. B. Has a mysterious large scratch on her forehead that I have no idea how she got it.
Baby: Had a lovely blowout in her diaper
I don’t think anyone truly knows the meaning of tired until they are a mom! Life these days is exhausting but we are making some pretty hilarious and wonderful memories!

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